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Weight reduction and ortheiritis

Weight reduction and ortheiritis




Thankyou for your interest in our arogayalam .

Your problem can be cured by following the Dr Manthena Sathyanarayana Raju sir nature cure principles  at Arogayalam.Pls find the booking details given below and plan to join for a 30 days health camp for better results.we are enclosing an application form kindly fill the form given below and send it back to our email ID:msrct.reception@ gmail.com or to our whats app number 9848615222. For direct admission please contact  our  reception team on 08632 333 888 ,They will guide you  step by step to follow the admission.

Download the form given below.


If you are facing any problem pls communicate through our mail id:msrct.reception@gmail.com

In  every month we do have two camp dates (or) admission dates (i.e) on 1st and 16th, for 15 days (1-15) and (16-30) camps and for one month (1-30) and (16-15 of next month) camps will be available.

Pls find the booking procedure given below

Step 1:Make a booking and get a booking number .

Contact our  reception at 0863-2333888 from 9 Am to 8 Pm.Or visit our website www.manthenasatyanarayanaraju.org to book for health camp online.

Step 2: Pay in advance and reserve a room .

Pay at least half of the amount as advance payment to our bank account   given below and pay remaining amount at the time of  joining.    SBI ACCOUNT NUMBER    A/C-30002893226,Name-ManthenaSatyanarayana RajuCharitableTrust,IfscCode-SBIN0003055,current account,Br-S.B.I.,Labbipet,Vijayawada.

Step 3:Join at arogayalam on 1 st or 16th of the  month . Our free vehicles are available at Vijayawada railway station and bus station from 5:00am to 6:00pm as soon as you reached vijayawada Railway station cont: 9848615111, Bus station cont no: 9848615222.People who want to join arogyalayam on days other than 1st & 16th should contact   9848617222 Transport incharge.

Accommodations and pricing details

                               15-days                     30-days

                             (per head)                  (per head)

Non A/C Family          15,000/-                      26,000/-


Non A/C Couple          17,000/-                      30,000/-


A/C Family                 19,000/-                      34,000/-


A/C Couple                 21,000/-                      38,000/-


A/C Single                   31,000/-                     56,000/-

Non A/C General room (for white card holders )          —–                20,000/-(for 30 days)

Suit  Room per day    3000/- per day(upto 10 days)              75000/- per month

Suit rooms                      2750/-per day (for 15 days camp only )


 (minimum 10-days)

The price includes food, accommodation and treatments

*Extra charges for Colon Therapy, Lab Tests, Hydro Deluxe, additional Juices

obesity details.2017.

For more details visit our website :www.manthenasatyanarayanaraju.com

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a nice day.Thankyou

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