Food is Medicine” & “Fasting is Supreme Medicine

Body has immense self-healing ability.
Fasting provides rest to body systems & organs.
While in rest, self-healing occurs through repair and cleansing of the body.
After cleansing, right food in-take maintains a healthy body.

Methodical Fasting complemented with right Food in-take is the key to treating any ailment in Naturopathy.  You will be individually consulted by a Naturopathy Doctor and prescribed a customized diet plan on daily basis.  

Diet in the Arogyalayam comprises of the following,
♦   Natural, Fresh, Uncooked food like sprouts, dates, coconut, soaked groundnut, fruits, salads
♦   Unique Special Customized Salt & Oil Free cooked preparations like brown rice, phulka, curries, greens, dal, curd, puffed rice upma, etc
♦   Fasting days menu can be honey & lemon juice, seasonal fruit juices, cut fruits.
♦   Special Menu (once in 15 days) with preparations like chilly bhajji, sweet kheer (payasam), fried rice, pani puri, chat etc
All food is unlimited but subject to doctor’s prescription only.

Drugless Cure with NO side effects

Human body is made of “Pancha Boothas”.
Any imbalance in “Pancha Boothas” causes Dis-ease (diseases or ailments).
So, any disease is best cured by regaining the balance, using the powers of the same “Pancha Boothas”.

Treatments in Naturopathy are based on “Pancha Maha Boothas” (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Vacuum).  There are 40+ naturopathy treatments (some are listed below).  Post examination of your health status, Doctors advise the most relevant, disease-specific treatments everyday. 



Mud Bath
Sand Bath

JAL (Water)


Colon therapy
Spinal Spray
Whirlpool bath
Foot/Arm/Hip bath
Hydro deluxe bath

VAYU (Air)


Exercises, Yoga
Outdoor games

AGNI (Fire)


Steam Bath
Sauna Bath
Infra-red Bath
Hot Fomentation

Aakash (Vacuum)


Wellness Talk

Arogya Saptapadi ~ “7 to Heaven

A Healthy Lifestyle requires 7 essential elements.
Imbalance in this 7, is the root-cause for many Lifestyle Disorders like Diabetes etc  
Dr. Manthena suggests 7 simple steps to achieve this healthy lifestyle,

Arogyalayam daily routine enables each one of you to Learn, Practice and Experience the Benefit from such a balanced healthy Natural lifestyle.  Every day consists of variety of sessions, namely,

♦   Lecture Sessions: 2 sessions per day to create basic awareness on health & well-being,
     (a) Health lecture by Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju,   (b) Well-being lecture by Dr. Vishala & Dr. Bairy Srinivas,
♦   Cooking Session: 1 hour per day by Srimathi Uma, with live demonstration & tasting to introduce you to Salt and Oil free recipes.
♦   Training cum Practice – Yoga Session: General yoga & kriya session in the morning for 1.5 hours, 4 therapeutic yoga sessions
     customised for specific diseases (obesity, harmonal imbalance, diabetes, joint/knee pains) 
♦   Outdoor Healthy Activities: Activities like swimming, pedal boating, water fall & rain water therapy, badminton court, walk-path, etc
     provide an entertaining route to become healthy

 Daily routine at Arogyalayam

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