Details of facilities of stay and their rates:
Room rent, treatment charges and diet charges are collected separately in many naturopathy aasrams. But in this Aarogyaalayam, all the facilities are embedded in one package rate.

Facilities of stay:

2. Family room – Non A/C:
Non A/C family accommodation: Rs. 26,000/- per head for 30 days; if stay is for 15 days, the charges are Rs. 15,000/- per head This room has 4 beds, 2 bathrooms, and separate wash area, cupboards, facilities tosit in the balcony, along with a hanging chair in the balcony. 4 members of same family or 4 friends can stay together in this room. Else each will be accommodated separately based on age group. Such rooms meant for allocating to men and women separately are also available.

3.Non A/C couple room: Rs. 30,000/- per head for 30 days; Rs. 17,000/- per head for 15 days This room has 2 beds, attached toilet, 2 cupboards, balcony, hanging chair, and sitting facilities. This can be availed by a couple or 2 men or 2 women for 15 days or 30 days. Else 2 separate
men or women of same age group will be grouped and allotted this type of room.

A/C rooms

1.A/C family room: Rs.34,000/- per head for 30 days or Rs. 19,000/- per head for 15 days. This room has 3 beds, 3 cupboards, 2 toilets, q wash area, and false roofing for A/C purpose. It also has sitting facility and a hanging chair in balcony.

This room is allotted to 3 members of same family (men or women or both). If a 4 th member also accompanies at the last minute, a 4 th bed is also arranged.

This room is also allotted to individuals seeking A/C accommodation at low rate after grouping them into men or women of same age group.

2.A/C Couple room: Rs. 38,000/- per head for 30 days or Rs. 21,000/- per head for 15 days This room has 2 beds, 2 cupboards, one toilet, one cane chair, one centre table, and false roofing for A/C purpose. Seating is also arranged in balcony. This room is the only option for couples seeking
A/C accommodation. It is also allotted to individuals after grouping them into men or women of same age group.

3. Single A/C room: Rs. 56,000 for 30 days per head or Rs. 31,000/- per head for 15 days. This contains one bed, 2 cupboards, one cane chair, centre table, one toilet, and seating facility and a hanging chair in balcony.

Above rates are inclusive of room rent, cost of food thrice a day, forenoon and afternoon treatments, yogaasanas, doctor consultation, swimming, cost of ¼ kg. honey on fasting days, cost of juice for 4 times when fasting is ended, health lectures, and pickup and dropping by car from railway station or bus stand.
Suites/special rooms: Rs. 3,000/- per day Minimum stay allowed here is for 10 days. Charge is Rs. 3,000/- per day for extended stay thereafter.

Suite room (2 sharing):

3000/-(per day per person ) minimum of 10 days

2750/-(per day per person) minimum of 15 days

2500/-(per day per person) minimum of 30 days

Suite room(single person):single accommodation will be provided depending on the availability.

Suites are 12 in number, all in 5 th floor. The suite consists of a large bedroom, a small living room, a large toilet, wash area and hanging chair. This has false roofing for A/C and all furniture is made of cane.

2 Shared AC

1. High capacity automatic generator ensures 24-hour lift facility, A/C plants, all kinds of treatments, sauna bath in rainy season or cloudy weather, and 24-hours hot water.

2. Solar hot water system for bath and treatments.

3. Drinking water (mineral water) plant.

4. Hot drinking water systems are conveniently fixed near to the rooms.

5. Drainage water is purified through treatment plant and left into Krishna river.

6. Facilities to play shuttle, tenni-koit (ring), and cricket. Swimming is taught and one can swim direct in Krishna water – life jackets are provided.

7. Walking track.

8. Boating in tourism boat in Krishna river for one hour for each batch.

9. Open air theatre where classes are held or sports are played.

10. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted and ATM facility is also available.

11. Facility to book reserved tickets by bus or train through internet booking in case of requirement.

12. Facility to wash and iron your clothes and their delivery at your room.

13. Special care taken for security of female health-seekers. Ladies coming alone are allotted in a building with maximum ladies. Special yoga classes and special even in exercise classes for ladies aged below 40.

Celebration of Festivals in Aarogyaalayam:

You won’t miss any festivals falling in between during your stay in Aarogyaalayam. You can celebrate it better than at home with Dr. Raju and his wife Dr. Visala. Every festival is celebrated in a traditional way with your participation, eatables including sweets are made by all together in natural way and they are all consumed together with traditional seating with serving of food on banana leaf. 7-8 types of food are served in lunch, traditional pan is served, ladies are provided flowers, games are played for entertainment, and cultural activities are arranged in night shows. Mainly festivals like Ugaadi, Vinaayaka Chavithi, Sree Krishnaashtami, Kartika maasa snaanam, Dhanurmaasa snaanam, Deepaavali, Dasaraa, are all celebrated, Creackers are arranged for all the health-seekers during Deepaavali. Therefore booking need not be postponed just because of a festival falling in between during your contemplated stay.

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