Introduction to Samskar Nature Ashram :

Shri Lavanam and Smt. Hemalata Lavanam are great Social workers. This couple lives in Varni mandal of Nizamabad dist,. They have adopted several villages in Nizamabad dist. and have been involved in several social service and village development activities. They were able to get rid of the superstitious beliefs from the minds of the villagers. With the financial aid of ‘Plan International’ many rural development programmes were conducted with the advice of Shri Marni Ramakrishna Rao.

With the help of the villagers from Akbar nagar village, a 25 bedded Nature cure hospital was established in the year 1977. As it was located in a village, in spite of having all the facilities, people were unable to have access to utilize the benefits of the Nature cure hospital as expected. With the financial aid of ‘Plan International’ the Nature cure hospital was functioning efficiently for a period of 9 years. In the year 2006, the agreement was lapsed and it was getting difficult with the donations.

The Ashram being located in a village, there were only 5 to 10 people everyday, this affected the functioning of the Nature cure hospital. During that period, Shri and Smt. Lavanam and Shri Ramakrishna Rao together surrendered the Ashram to Shri Manthena Satyanararayanaraju for a lease period of 33 years. Manthena Satyanarayanaraju charitable trust was established in the July, 2006, since then The Samskar Nature Hospital was upgraded to 50 beds and then 70 beds. By 2009, the Samskar Nature hospital was a 100 bedded Ashram.Around 100 people were serving this 100 bedded Ashram. In a lush green, 5 acres of land, near by a hill, without any pollution, in the serenity of nature, this ashram was established. Mr. Raju beautified this ashram with several flowering plants and trees, cattle sheds, the overall construction was in a traditional manner. The Samskar Nature ashram being in the serenity of nature, is now running successfully without the availability of a single bed, Advance bookings are made in 4 – 5 months prior.

Smt. And Sri Lavanam lived a selfless life. Without taking a single penny, they spent some hundreds of crores of rupees for the development of the society. Assuming everyone in the society as their own children, they decided not to have a child of their own. They were married in the Gandhi ashram. They lived together for a period of 48 years. Smt Hemalata Lavanam expired in the year 2008 and Shri Lavanam expired in the year 2015. This was the reason why Mr. Raju constructed this ashram in this remote village.

Accommodation Facilities : The Samskar nature hospital provides medical facilities with the least possible fees as compared to other hospitals in India. In this ashram, food ( Breakfast : 5 types of sprouts, Dates, Lunch : Phulkas, 2 vegetable curries, brown rice and curd, Evening around 4 – 5 pm : ¼ th litre cane juice, Dinner : 5 types of fruits, and when fasting 250 gms of honey and lime ) , treatments ( full body massage, partial massage, impression tubs, gym equipment, underwater massage, mud bath, physiotherapy treatment, yoga treatments, etc.) and room rents are included in a single package.

Room Details :

General room : For a single person Rs. 500/- per day. 4 beds with a washroom. Few other rooms with 6 to 7 beds and 2 to 3 washrooms. There are around 50 beds available in these kind of General rooms.

Couple rooms :
For a single person Rs. 600 /- per day with attached washroom, well finished and neatly maintained. There are 12 Couple rooms available.

Deluxe couple rooms : For a single person Rs. 800/- per day. Available facilities, Neat and clean with 2 beds, attached washroom, nice flooring, good wall finishing.Couples or 2 friends can book this room. If a single male /female is booking this kind of a room, he/she is partnered with another male/female. There are 8 rooms available.

AC Couple rooms :
For a single person Rs. 1000/-. Available facilities : 2 beds, small dressing room, attached washroom, tiled flooring, well finished walls, neat and clean rooms. Couples or 2 friends can book this room. If a single male /female is booking this kind of a room, he/she is partnered with another male/female. There are 6 rooms available. AC will be on from afternoon 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm and evening 8:00 pm to early morning 4:00 am. No AC during power cut. During cold weather, AC cannot be used, but room rent will be the same.

AC Cottage :
For a single person Rs. 1200/-. Available facilities : 2 beds, large washroom, dressing room, big verandah, sitting area, nice flooring, lappam finishing walls, neat and clean rooms, Couples or 2 friends can book this room. If a single male /female is booking this kind of a room, he/she is partnered with another male/female. There are 3 such cottages available. This is the most expensive of all. 10 days payment has to be made in advance for 15 days stay. People willing to experience the natural lifestyle at a less price can join here instead of the Vijayawada ashram.

To book a room, one has to make a phone call with their health details. A room will be allotted according to availability. To join in the Samskar nature ashram, 15 days fee has to be paid in advance or before joining, the rooms will be allotted as per availability. Booking is full in the month of February and August. So its better to book the rooms in advance. If rooms are not available, you can call up by giving your registration number and get the status.

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Ph no. :
8297447444, 8297887888
Working hours : 6:30 am to 5:00 pm

Ashram address :
Samskar Nature ashram
Door no. – 2 – 8051
Akbar nagar village
Bodhan,Rudrur  mandal
Dist. : Nizamabad ,Telangana- 503188


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