Rules and regulations of the Ashram:

1. Inmates will not be allowed to leave the ashram from the time they join till Ashram discharges them. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances, even if the inmate paid fee in full and even if the inmate has to leave due to unavoidable circumstances. None of the ashram organisers are authorized to send across the inmate once the course is commenced.

2. After 15 days one can extend his/her stay on the advice of the doctor. One can extend 15 days (minimum) in Vijayawada Ashram or 1 week (minimum) in Nizamabad Ashram. In case those who want to extend for one week in Vijayawada asram – they still need to pay for 15 days. You need to inform at least 5 days before your discharge date.

3. Those who plan to stay in AC rooms may please note that power supply is limited – to the timings 12 noon – 3.00 PM and Night 8.00 PM – 4.00 AM. AC’s wont be switched on generator power. AC’s shall be functional only during the designated times as mentioned above. Irrespective of the usage, there wont be any fee discount.

4. If the inmates try to get outside food , cigarettes, liquor, gutka or any such items they shall be fined Rs. 2000 and are suspended from the Ashram. In case any of the ashram employees are found to help the inmates get such things, they shall loose their employment with ashram. All the inmates bags shall be checked on the day of joining the ashram. Even visitors bags shall also be checked and the health conscious inmates are requested to cooperate with this procedures.

5. Ladies and gents of the ashram are discouraged from (a) moving intimately with other gender people, (b) spending extended time loitering around and (c) involving non-legitimate relationship. In case such behavious is observed, they are fined Rs. 2000, respective families are informed and the miscreants are suspended. The inmates who involve in these kind of activities are warned by the Ashram employees are designated to monitor, and in case no improvement is seen, the miscreants shall be suspended.

6. In case children below 15 years are to join the ashram, they have to invariably have to join along with family member as support. The support person also need to adhere to the ashram rules and regulations during their stay at Ashram.

7. Inmates need to attend the classes, treatments and discourses without fail, as long as they are in ashram. Very old inmates are exempted from attending night discourses, which they can listen from the comfort of their rooms. But rest of the inmates invariably need to attend.

8. Laptops are not allowed except for those who need such gadget critically necessary.

9. Ornaments of women and left-overs of the journey are not allowed into ashram.

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