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sir, as i have suffering with reumotology arthritis, is there treatments in your aarogyalam. if so i want come take the treatment. please inform me



Thank you for enquiring.

We do admit patients suffering with reumotology arthritis problem.We are enclosing an application kindly fill the form given below and explain your problem clearly  and send it back to our email ID:msrct.reception@ for further precedence .Pls find the booking details given below and plan to join for a 15 days health camp for better results.For direct admission please contact  our  reception team on 08632 333 888 ,They will guide you  step by step to follow the admission.

Download the form from following link.


Pls find the booking procedure given below

Admissions will be done twice in a month (1st and 16th of every month) for 15 days (1st-15th day) and (16th-30th). Admissions for one month camps will also be available.

Step 1:Make a call and get a ‘booking number’ from the reception from 9 am to 8 pm (0863-2333888)

For online booking please visit our website and get a ‘booking number


Step 2: Pay in advance and reserve a room .

Pay at least half of the amount as advance payment to our bank account   given below and pay remaining amount at the time of  joining.    SBI ACCOUNT NUMBER    A/c-30002893226, Name-‘Manthena Satyanarayana Raju Charitable Trust’, IFSC Code-‘SBIN0003055’, Current Account, Bank-State Bank of India (SBI), Branch-Labbipet,Vijayawada.

Step 3:Join at Arogayalam on 1 st or 16th of the  month . Our free pickup vehicles are available at Vijayawada railway station (9848615111) and bus station (9848615222) from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm on these days. Contact these numbers soon after reaching Vijayawada to avail the free pickup service. People who are joining arogyalayam on days other than 1st & 16th should contact Transport incharge 9848617222.

Accommodations and pricing details

                               15-days                     30-days

                             (per head)                  (per head)

Non A/C Family          15,000/-                      26,000/-

(4 sharing)

Non A/C Couple          17,000/-                      30,000/-

(2 sharing)

A/C Family                 19,000/-                      34,000/-

(3 sharing)

A/C Couple                 21,000/-                      38,000/-

(2 sharing)

A/C Single                   31,000/-                     56,000/-

Non A/C General room  NA                20,000/-(for 30 days)

(for white card holders, 4 sharing)         

Suite  Room (10 days)   30000/-              75000/- per month

Suite rooms (15 days)    42000/-          

Suite Rooms (30 days) 75000/-

The price includes food, accommodation and treatments.


  • *Extra charges for

          1         Laundry (Dhobi)  services

    2         Acupuncture

    3         Acupressure

    4         Physiotherapy

    5         Colon therapy,Hydro Deluxe

    6         Lab’ charges like blood test

    7         Pharmacy charges

    8         E.M.S

    9         Detox foot bath

    10     Ap tourism Boat charges

    11.   Any damage or loss to the ashram property

    12.   Extra juices


    Type of treatments available in arogyalayam:
        1. Massage treatment.
        2. Hydro(water) treatments like enema, hip bath, spinal bath, spinal spray, full immersion bath,
            under water massage, hydro deluxe bath, steam bath, sauna bath, packs, compressors, colon therapy, douche etc.,.
        3. Mud treatments, sand bath.
        4. Plant leaf bath, neem  bath.
        5. Obesity machine for fat reduction in concentrated areas like stomach, hips, thighs etc.,.
        6. Yoga therapy, pranayaamam, meditation, yogic kriyas like jalaneti, sutraneti, khapalabathi etc.,.
        7. Fasting treatment.
        8. Diet therapy like juice fasting, fruit fasting, soil, oil, and Marsala free curries.
        9. Counselings.

      Daily schedule in Arogyalayam.
      Morning : 4.30am – Wake Up call
            5.00am  –  6.30am General Yoga.
            6.30am  –  7.00am Yogic Kriyas.
            7.30am  –  8.20am Break Fast.(sprouts, fruits, dates & raagi malt)
            8.20am  –  9.00am Thought of the day (by Dr Vishala gaar, w/o. Raju garu)
            9.15am  –  12.30pm Nature cure treatments, Physiotherapy & Dr. Consultations
          12.30pm  –  1.00pm Lunch.( salt and oil free curries with pulkas & Brown rice)
            1.00pm  –  2.00pm Rest Hour
            2.00pm  –  4.30pm Nature cure treatments, Physiotherapy & Dr. Consultations
            4.30pm  –  5.30pm Obesity yoga for weight reduction
            5.30pm  –  6.15pm  Boating,  Swimming & Walking, Playing Shuttle etc.
            6.15pm  –  7.00pm Dinner. (fruits & raw vegetables salad)
            7.00pm  –  8.30pm Health Lecture by Dr. Raju garu.
            9.30pm  –  4.20am Go to bed. (sleep)

        Facilities:  1. Convenient rooms for all classes.
                         2. Solar hot water facility.
                         3. A/C facility.
                         4. Walking track beside river.
                         5. Huts for sitting beside the river.
                         6. Boating facility in river.
                         7. 24 Hours generator facility for power.
                         8. Big Yoga hall.
                         9. Library.
                       10. 24 Hours security.
                       11. Well trained Nature Cure Doctors.
                       12. 24 Hours Emergency medical care.
                       13. Laboratory facility.
                       14. Latest Hydro (water) treatment equipments.
                       15. Every day Yoga sessions.
                       16. Every day “Thought for day” session.
                       17. Every day health lecture for 1 hour by Dr:Raju garu (or) by experienced doctors.
                       18. Mud bath section beside river.
                       19. Shuttle, Badminton, wally ball, trow ball courts and Indore games are available.
                       20. Open air theater facility.
                       21. Yogic games will be held.
                       22. Kitchen with latest equipments for cooking and big Dinning hall.
                       23. Cooking classes everyday to learn how to cook food without salt and oil.
                       24. Electronic weighing machine.
                       25. Well trained staff to serve you anytime.

    For more details visit our website

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Have a nice day.Thankyou


Source: MSR Query