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price details

plz let me know the cost for 15 and 30 day stay at ur ashram
is there an opening where i can render my service along with treatment?


Namasthe Ms Sirisha,
Thankyou for your interest ,please find the fee details given below ,

15-days 30-days
(per head) (per head)
Non A/C Family 12,000/- 22,000/-
Non A/C Couple 14,000/- 26,000/-
A/C Family 16,000/- 30,000/-
A/C Couple 18,000/- 34,000/-
A/C Single 28,000/- 52,000/-
Non A/C General —– 20,000/-
VIP Room per day 2,500/- (minimum 10-days)
Source: MSR Query