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Optic Neurities-reg

I am Raghunath aged 53yrs and a diabetic since 2002. IN DEC-2016 my left eye vision started to come down slowly and almost lost 70%.Consulted various doctors and finally took treatment at LV prasad eye institute,Hyderabad for suspected Optic Neurities caused because of inflamation of optic nerve. I was given Steroid injections and later on tapering oral steroid tablets for one month. My vision has improved by almost 75%. but with pain. In Mar-2017 I had review at LVPEI and they asked me to stop steroid tablets since the inflamation has subsided and vision has improved very much.
But again from May-2017 the vision slowly started coming down by 80% and again I went to LVPEI. Since the problem has recurred, MRI scans, various blood tests for TB, Auto immune, Sarcodiasis,infection etsc were done , all of which were negative. Again I was put on Steroid injections but this time no improvement. I am on oral steroid tablets for the past one month but my vision in the left eye is only 15% only. I consulted 2-3 eye specialists who says only a MIRACLE has to happen to get back my eye sight.
I am basically from AP but working in Tamilnadu. At present I am on deputation in Rajasthan for the past 2 years. I will be back to Tamilnadu in a month as the deputation is over. I am a regular viewer of Dr Raju gari programmes.
My question is there any chance to improve my condition if I join the ashram for a month in any health programe.



Namasthe ,

Thank You for contacting us .

We have gone through your query ,since it was an  eye problem ,we are not sure about the cure,but you can try by joining in our  30 days camp  and take treatment under the guidance Dr Raju garu.

If you have any questions,  please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

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