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bloating , skin allergies and itchy eyes and scalp with severe dandruff

my name is hema age 26, height 5.3and weight 56kgs. I have a gynecological problem endometriosis and i was even operated in the year 2014. I started facing another problem recently, no matter whatever i eat my stomach is always bloated whether its a fibre rich food or proteinaceous or starchy food.The anal gas which i pass out smells horrible.I tried an online symptom checker which ruled out my case might be leaky gut and recently i even started developing allergies.By this i strongly fell that it might be leaky gut.During my research i even found out that leaky gut can be a root cause of various auto immune diseases. My previous medical history of endometriosis which is an auto immune disease can be an outcome of leaky gut. I recently started developing cysts on my ovary (PCOS) and developed facial hair. My skin is becoming red and itches followed by, and even itchy eyes. I even have an itchy scalp with severe dandruff and dry skin. I want a permanent solution and i dont want to rely on medicines. I would love to follow naturopathy.please do give me some of your valuable suggestions.


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