Health Camps

30 days’ camp: It is from 1 st to 30 th of each calendar month. Reporting can be from early morning of 1 st , but before 6 PM. You may also report 1-2 days later if you have any last minute emergencies, but the lost days cannot be made up next month. Discharge of the health-seekers starts from morning of 30 th but they should get discharged before 30 th evening.

From 16 th to 15 th next month: Those who cannot come for a whole calendar month can join on 16 th for the 30-day camp,for stay till 15 th of next month.

Benefits of 30 days’ camp:

This month-long camp would be especially useful for learning the healthyhealthy routine fully and experiencing all the facilities of the aasram, with very good habits inculcated in pleasing environment, and would be useful to clean the body very well with long-term fasting, listen to Dr. Raju’s daily talks on various topics of health for all the 30 days, learn how to cook food tastily without salt and oil, and to get a very good and comprehensive idea of what “health” really means.

హెల్త్ క్యాంపులు
45 or 60 days’ camp:

Such camps are especially useful to those who wish to get rid of long-standing diseases like those who are diabetics for many years and are on insulin injections, or those with severe joint pains, or severe rheumatoid arthritis, or skin diseases like psoriasis, those who are obese and wish to reduce sizeable excess weight, and those having fertility issues or PCOD issues. These are also useful for those who have long-term digestion issues and suffer from intestine-related problems and wish to clean the stomach and intestines with long-term fasting. For any long-standing diseases, longer duration camps are more useful than the 30 days’ camp. They can initially pay and join for 30 days and later extend the stay to 45 or 60 days.

Those who come for 30 days’ camp can extend for 15 or 30 days only and not for less number of days. However, one may join for minimum 15 days and stay for only one week, 4-5 days or 7-8 days. The extension of stay would depend on your good personal behaviour and discipline, and it is allowed to those who follow the rules and regulations of the aasram, listen to the speeches given, and show interest in taking benefit of the facilities. Else the extension will not be permitted even if it is asked for.

15 days’ camp:

Those joining for 15 days’ camp would have to join on 1 st of a month and get discharged on 15 th , or join on 16 th and get discharged on 30 th . Only some facilities will be allowed for those joining for 15 days’ camp. Non-A/C couple room charge is only Rs. 12,000/- per head for 15 days’ stay.

A/C family accommodation is for Rs. 14,000/- per head for 15 days; A/C single room is available for Rs. 24,000/- per head, or at Rs. 2,000/- per head per day.

Those unable to join for 30 days may join for 15 days. However, they cannot learn the whole gamut of the Natural Living Style in a period of 15 days, but can get a grasp of the routine to some extent. Within the 15 days, the health-seeker will undergo fasting for 6-7 days. He/she will also undergo juice fasting for one day and fruit fasting for one day. Body gets serviced with procedures like massage, enema, steam bath, sand bath etc. daily. Though the health issue may not go away completely in the 15 days’ period, the necessary inputs will enable the person to continue the way of living after returning home to get rid of the ailment completely in a short period.

Diabetics Camp

If you wish to get rid of diabetes completely without any need of tablets and wish to eat fruits and sweets without getting back diabetes, you should prefer to join the 30 days’ camp for a complete grasp of the Natural Living Style and its principles. You will learn special yogaasanas and specific food regimen, have special classes for understanding diabetes, and the daily routine to be followed at home, in the 30 days’ camp. You will learn how to live without getting diabetes again in life. Similarly the 30 days’ camp is useful for those who do not want to suffer from diabetes even if there is such a hereditary risk for them.

ప్రతినెల జరిగే 30 రోజుల ఒబేసిటీ క్యాంప్ మరియు షుగర్ క్యాంప్స్ ప్రత్యేకత:

అధిక బరువు: ప్రతినెల ఇవి జరుగుతూ ఉంటాయి. ఒకటవ తేదీ నుండి 30 వరకూ, 16 వ తేదీ నుండి మళ్ళీ 15 వరకూ జరుగుతూ ఉంటాయి. కనుక ఈ రెండు బ్యాచ్ లలో మీ అనుకూలతని బట్టి ఎప్పుడైనా చేరవచ్చు.

అధిక బరువుతో పాటు ఇతర ఆరోగ్య సమస్యలు కూడా పూర్తిగా తగ్గుతాయి.ఇతర ఒబేసిటీ సెంటర్లలో లా కాకుండా ఇక్కడ ట్రీట్మెంట్ మరియు ఆహారానియమాల వల్ల బరువుతో పాటు షుగర్, బి.పి., ఆస్త్మా, కీళ్లనొప్పులు, చర్మవ్యాధులు, కొలెస్ట్రాల్, మలబద్ధకం, జీర్ణకోశ సంబంధిత వ్యాధులు, థైరాయిడ్ సమస్యలు, రక్తహీనత, తలనొప్పి, లివర్ సమస్యలు వీటిలో ఏవి వున్నా, అవన్నీ కూడా తగ్గుతాయి. యావరేజ్ నెలకి 7 – 8 కేజీల నుంచి 10 – 12 కేజీల వరకూ బరువు తగ్గవచ్చు. మళ్ళీ ఇంటికి వెళ్ళాక బరువు పెరగకుండా మిగిలిన బరువుని పూర్తిగా ఎలా తగ్గించుకోవాలో, బాడీ స్లిమ్ గా ఎలా తయారుచేసుకోవాలో, ఏ ఆహారం తినాలో, ఏది తినకూడదో, ఏ ఆహారం లో ఎంత శక్తి ఉంటుందో, ఏ పనికి ఎంత శక్తి ఖర్చు అవుతుందో ఇలాంటి విషయాలన్నీ డాక్టర్ రాజుగారి లెక్చర్స్ లో పూర్తి అవగాహన కలుగుతుంది.

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