These are the seven requirements for us to be healthy

1.Good air
2.Sufficient water
3.Proper food
4.Sufficient exercise
5.Proper excretion
6.Sufficient rest

Air : Air is the primary requirement for our body. It is a natural boon to life. The process of respiration happens without our involvement. All the animals in the forest are inhaling pure air but we are leading our lives by inhaling polluted air.

Water : Our second requirement is water. Air is provided to our body without our involvement but adequate water has to be provided to the body at proper time. 3/4th part of nature is water and 1/4th part is land, in the same way our body requires 68% water and 32% food.

Food : The food habits for all the living creatures on this earth have been determined according to the size and nature of their body. In spite of the animals following the rule of nature, man is not having food in proper way. One can survive without food for a few days, but not without air and water. But still food is given a priority as compared to that of air and water. Mr Manthena Sathyanarayana Raju has provided us with healthy methods of preparing tasty food without the use of masala, oil, sugar, salt (MOSS) in a natural way.

Exercise : Except Man, all the other creatures cannot get their food without hard work. By hunting for food, the body gets sufficient exercise. But Man has 3 meals a day without any physical exercise, so he is suffering from different diseases. Mr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju has designed different exercises required for our body at his ashram.

Excretion : The food we take is broken into small molecules and is converted into energy. It is processed through the blood to different parts of the body and the waste product is excreted out of the body. The solid waste(faeces), liquid waste(urine) and gaseous waste(carbon dioxide) is excreted out of the body. Except for man all other creatures excrete anywhere and at any time. Improper and unhealthy food habits lead to indigestion and then to constipation. To have free bowels one needs to concentrate on the food habits. 

Rest : On having proper sleep, our bones and muscles get relaxed. Rest is not mere 7 to 8 hours of sleep, our digestive system also needs rest. By implementing healthy food habits the digestive function can relax and function properly.

Fasting : In our body certain cells get destroyed everyday and certain cells are produced everyday. Our body keeps cleaning the waste during the night. Giving a day’s rest to the daily food we take is fasting.If new cell production happens for around 12 hours per  day on normal days, then on days of fasting, new cell production happens for 24 hours per day.

People don’t know the proper methods of fasting. Some people have tea coffee and some people have fruits during fasting. But fasting means  having only water. Fasting means trying to build up your body with entire energy.

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