There are 2 ways in naturotherapy treatment. 1) Nature cure and 2) Natural lifestyle. Naturopathy is also a proper course of 5.5 years like general medicine, which includes 4.5.years of study and 1 year of practice as a house surgeon.

1.Nature cure:

Naturopathy is another style of treatment like ayurveda, allopathy, homeopathy and unani. This treatment does not have any medicines involved. The therapies that are involved in the treatment procedures are: Water therapy, fasting therapy, diet therapy, yoga, massage therapy, mud therapy, sunlight therapy, etc.

Nature cure involves treatment through the main 5 elements of life which are, air, water, fire, earth and the sky. The treatment process is structured to replace health affecting bad habits and poor food habits with a healthy routine and lifestyle. There are no medications involved in naturopathy treatment. These treatment techniques eventually help in removing ill health from the body.

2. Natural Lifestyle.

Natural lifestyle means training ourselves to keep away from bad habits, and cultivating a healthy lifestyle in our daily routine. Having good habits first step to lead a healthy life. Bad habits are the cause for bad health. It takes some time to get used to new habits or to understand the advantages of having good habits. To do this kind of self treatment, it requires a 30 days stay at one place. Those who are not able to stay for complete 30 days must at least stay for a minimum of 15 days. This aarogya sadhana practice naturally helps in adapting good health for the entire life.

By definition “health” means state of no disease or state of not allowing any disease to enter into your body. Complete health implies having physical, mental, societal, philosophical well being. Changing their life style can improve health steadily and get rid of the health problems automatically. Healthy people, when they practice the life style change shall lead to improved health condition and they are protected from ill-health situation. Discipline is the key factor for proper functioning of all organs throughout the life time.

It is imperative to understand the daily routine that is going to be presented to the new entrants of naturopathy. Firstly they should practice intake of 4 – 5 litres of water, 2 -3 three times of going to stools, replacing coffee and tea with vegetable juices, taking sprouted seeds in place of idly and dosa and fruits as breakfast. It is also advisable to switch to unpolished / single polished rice instead of the polished rice or to phulka’s made with grounded flour and eat them with vegetable curries with no oil and salt. It is better to complete dinner before dawn and sleeping early and doing and yogasanas, pranayama atleast for an hour are the best to practice regularly for improving ones health.

It is indeed too much to expect good health without any strain to ones own body. The state of keeping the body steady and comfortable is known as “Aasana”. Yogaasanas are combination of physical, mental and phsychological state. Main aim of yoga is to achieve balance by synchronizing these three aspects. In yoga, it is important to focus on ones own mental state, respiration, muscle control. Disciplined practice of yoga gives mental and physical health. Resistance is increased and are transformed through counseling session to come out of the addictions. This is more helpful for those who are self-driven.

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